Resins Used ..

The first one I've tried is called Magic Glos. It was created and sold by Lisa Pavelka . This is a 1 step resin that cures in direct sunlight or with a UV light source. I did have a bit of bubbles pop up as I poured, but I think this had more to do with how I was squeezing the bottle. It dries pretty quickly, usually hard within ten minutes. It does show signs of curing within 2 minutes. It also dries clear. All the times I poured, it never clouded up. When embedding items, I recommend laying down 2 to 3 layers as a base or buffer first. I have noticed that when exposed to more UV lighting, it tends to get a yellow ting to it. So I use it for my trial/test runs only.

This second one I've purchased is called Easy Cast. It is a 2 step epoxy resin, meaning you mix two different liquids prior to being able to use. This is my now preferred resin for final pours. It remains clear after final curing, meaning it has never yellowed with time.