November 4, 2011


One thing I learned while working with resin..gloves are not an option. I made that mistake and I'm still paying for it. I had some resin on my fingers, I had an itch, I touched my face...
Sigh..Long story short, I touched my eyelid it swelled up and now it's at the crusty stage. My doc told me there wasn't really much he could do. I had to wait for my body to naturally shed the 'glued' skin off. It's almost all gone now, only a little bit left. But learn from my mistake. Luckily I was still on vacation, so I limited my outdoor excursions to the bare minimum because it looked like I had a really bad black eye. I'll be able to go back to finishing up one of the pendants I'm working on.
I am going to insert a small photo into it in front of those two little arms before sealing it. In the end it'll turn into a puffed heart.