September 7, 2012

Did some thinner pendants. I love the way this set turned out. The small square one I'm going to have to make a second but with just the lace. I want to make a small locket with the two sides.
The small heart is okay but I wished that I had positioned the small heart in the corner better. It lays hidden by some of the glitter.
The square one, the butterfly is fine but the flower moved over. The sparkle and glitter is perfectly in balance.
This row of hearts is one of my favorites. It came out wonderful. The orange glitter I added gave it a nice antique-ish look.
This oval is my absolute favorite. All the pieces embedded lay just right and settled in different depth levels.Doesn't it just make you smile looking at it?

April 28, 2012

The next test sample.

I didn't fill the mold all the way because I wanted to test the gem facets. There were some minor scratches on the front face. It's hairline, so when clear casting, it makes no difference. However, if any color is added it will require a new mold to be made.

This piece of tatting embedded was already resin dipped, so it looked similar to porcelain. Getting it to fit into the mold was a bit tricky because the petals had harden more opened and fuller. I had to smoosh it down so it looks flatten out. When I set the next I'll just seal the thread with Modge Podge, so the petals will be able to be moved before being permanetly set in the resin. Overall, I'm satisfied with this and will make three more molds to get the casting times cut down.

April 20, 2012

Not much to update. Life has kept me too busy for my crafts. I did get these done.

I made the mistake of forgetting to use mold release, and ruined a mold. It was one of my larger ones too. *sigh* I'm going to try and use this egg holder to make a paperweight. Mostly I want to see what I can create. I found this nifty measuring tool so now I have less resin waste.

February 2, 2012


It finally got warm enough for me to start using resin again. Plus I'm finally able to get a couple of hours child-free since my kiddies started school. So I broke out my ready molds and started to "fill them up". Since time to work on these is limited, I'm finally able to exercise patience and work in layers. I began by laying down the first clear coat in all but the arrowhead.

These sat overnight. When they began to reach the 'jelly' state I added some tatting to the smallest pieces. Now these are untreated/sealed thread. I'm hoping they don't go transparent on me. Afterwards I had a little bit of resin left over and got the bright idea to try it out as a stiffening agent for more tatting. I used the dragon as a prototype. I'm really hoping it works out because this is one of my favorite pieces.