May 10, 2015

The downside to resin casting is failures. Sometimes I hang on to them because they're too pretty to throw away. I once thought I could "fix" them by adding more resin to reinforce them. I know better now. If your pieces are soft and wiggly, they are failures and they belong in the trash bin. Sad, but true. Most of my soft pieces are a direct result of curing temperatures. Those in my home like to kick the A.C. down to 60 degrees at night, which is when I do most of my casting. I thought of buying a small heater to keep the temperature at 78 degrees, but it would be counter productive, since the A.C. would work harder to bring the temperature down in the house.

Now I'm having to wake up earlier in the mornings to do any casting. Actually, I bought more fans and told those in my home NO A.C. when I'm casting! Being half awake, I still end up wasting resin. I'm going to have to find some middle ground here.

On resin table, I have four shuttles in the works. I found a new tutorial on YouTube, that shows how to create swirls in the resin. The results leave a very pretty swirling effect.