April 22, 2015

Mini hooks and a few WIPS

My crochet hooks were starting to get lost. One of my favorites is a size 15. This is super tiny hook head. I use it to hide the ends of my tatting projects. Problem is that whenever I needed it, I could never find it. I was thinking of  making it into a pendant. I took out the resin and did a half cast into the rectangle shape of one of my store bought molds.
Top size15 middle size 12 bottom size 10 crochet hook
 After waiting for it to finish hardening I cut them into sections and was thinking of simply rounding the edges off and putting a hole into them, making them pendants. The size of the finished piece was a bit too small to ever be able to crochet with it, but since these were for my tatting joining and hiding threads, they were okay. I didn't really care for the whole hanging off my neck theme, so I added a few more jump and soldered rings to it and attached it to a ring base. This can easily be extended by added some more jump rings, but the current length is good for keeping out of the way.

 Getting back to my resin shuttles. The pair in the center is a commissioned pieced where the person requesting submitted her own tatting to be encased. Two of these others will be for a giveaway. One on this blog and the other on my tatting blog. The rest will be going to my Etsy shop on May 5th, along with another 5 or 6 finished ones.

In the background, you can see all the resin dust left over from shaping these. Actually there was a lot more but I vacuumed up most of it. Sometimes this part of the shuttle making is the most laborious. I switched back and forth between my Craftsman rotary and a hand file. I had to give the rotary time for the battery to recharge.
I do need to make new mold for the shuttles. My current ones are worn out. I'm also looking up tip on how to keep that matte look to the shuttles. I like the hazy look of it, but more for like the background of the piece. I still prefer clarity for the top. Kind of like when you blur a pictures background to help spotlight the main piece.

April 11, 2015

simple and to the point

I've decided to do a shuttle giveaway. It will be a clear resin one with a cat/lion face in the blade. If interested in joining, leave a comment here. The entries will be left open until the 20th and the drawing taking place on the 24th.