February 2, 2012


It finally got warm enough for me to start using resin again. Plus I'm finally able to get a couple of hours child-free since my kiddies started school. So I broke out my ready molds and started to "fill them up". Since time to work on these is limited, I'm finally able to exercise patience and work in layers. I began by laying down the first clear coat in all but the arrowhead.

These sat overnight. When they began to reach the 'jelly' state I added some tatting to the smallest pieces. Now these are untreated/sealed thread. I'm hoping they don't go transparent on me. Afterwards I had a little bit of resin left over and got the bright idea to try it out as a stiffening agent for more tatting. I used the dragon as a prototype. I'm really hoping it works out because this is one of my favorite pieces.